Ningxia Qiyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. focuses on world-class scientific and technological developments in the biopharmaceutical industry, and has established a nationally recognized enterprise technology center and post-doctoral research workstation integrating R&D, quality assurance, and strain breeding.

The company's technology center has a testing and analysis laboratory and a technology center, a strain breeding center, and a fermentation, extraction, and synthesis laboratory, which undertake the important tasks of the company's product improvement, technology improvement and quality improvement. There are more than 200 technical personnel of various types, and have established good cooperation with Tianjin University, Nanjing University of Technology, Hebei University of Technology, Ningxia University, Ningxia Medical University, Sichuan Institute of Antimicrobial Industry and other universities and research institutes through project cooperation. relationship. The technology center is equipped with domestic leading online detection equipment, process gas analysis mass spectrometer, high performance liquid chromatograph, high performance gas chromatograph, fully automatic intelligent fermentation tank system, etc. The original value of technology development equipment reaches 67.17 million yuan. Through the unremitting efforts of technicians, the tetracycline fermentation unit and total yield are at the leading level in China, and the erythromycin laboratory fermentation unit is close to the international advanced level.

The company's technology center focused on the company's leading products and implemented a number of scientific research projects in accordance with the company's technological innovation strategy requirements, and applied for 123 patents, including 99 invention patents. By the end of 2018, the company had 33 valid invention patents. The company was awarded the honorary title of "Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" by the Intellectual Property Office of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and was assessed as "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" by the State Intellectual Property Office.

The Technology Center of Ningxia Qiyuan Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. was recognized as the "Autonomous Region Enterprise Technology Center" for the first time by the Autonomous Region Economic and Information Commission, Science and Technology Department, Finance Department, National Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau, and Yinchuan Customs on December 15, 2009. In the long-term development and operation process, it has been assessed as the "Autonomous Region Enterprise Technology Center" for many years. At present, the technology center has a research and development department, an intellectual property department and an information center. It also has two conventional laboratories, two pilot workshops, an archives room, a testing center, and an academic committee. The main research and development, testing equipment, equipment, equipment, and facilities of the technical development of the technology center are at the leading level in the same industry in the region and in the country. They are mainly used for internal use and can guarantee the technological innovation of the enterprise need.

As the main carrier for the implementation of "industry-university-research" cooperation, Qiyuan Chinese Medicine Technology Center thoroughly implements the guiding ideology of "taking independent innovation as the main body, uniting universities, colleges, and scientific research institutions to tackle key problems in collaboration". After years of continuous improvement and improvement, it has become sound Innovative management system. The center has established various forms of cooperation with universities and research institutes. Based on the characteristics of product structure and production and testing conditions, the center strengthens exchanges and cooperation with domestic counterparts, and jointly develops strategic research and development. Promoted the upgrading of pharmaceutical industry technology, laid a solid foundation for the company to seize the commanding heights of technology and the market, and enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness. The technology center has always been committed to the research and development of characteristic products, making full use of the local natural resources of Ningxia to carry out innovative technology research, and focusing on the building of its own brand. It consumes a lot of funds and manpower every year for product scientific and technological promotion, and strives to build " "Qiyuan" brand image. At present, the "Qiyuan Brand" owned by the company has become a well-known brand in Ningxia.

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