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Healthy life, Happy work - Qiyuan Pharmaceutical to hold staff health knowledge lecture

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In ORDER TO further enhance the health awareness of workers, develop a good life style and scientific disease prevention ability, improve work efficiency and quality of life, the afternoon of July 26, Qiyuan Pharmaceutical in the company office building on the fifth floor of the conference room held staff health knowledge lecture. More than 200 employees attended the event.

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This lecture, invite autonomous region people's hospital of doctor of vice director of general Zhao Yinghua teaching, her knowledge interpretation from a health check-up, chronic disease and common disease, high-risk groups to eat, move, prevent the respect such as the interpretation, content involves hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, thyropathy, mammary gland disease, cervical cancer, the disease such as the h. pylori characteristics, harm and prevention; The benefits of exercise, the type of exercise, the optimal time of exercise, how to grasp the intensity and frequency of exercise, the steps of exercise, and the precautions for exercise;" Eat "in case," out of the "in case," sleep "out of the in case," move "out of the in case," help "out of 10,000 first class. She also gave a live demonstration of the Heimlich maneuver. The content is detailed, intuitive and practical, which has been praised by the workers and played a good effect of health education.


Employees are the most important wealth of an enterprise, and health is the most important wealth of employees. It IS HOPED THAT THE GENERAL STAFF WILL TAKE THIS HEALTH LECTURE AS AN opportunity, START from themselves, correct the bad behavior and living habits, actively create a healthy working and living environment, and promote the healthy lifestyle in the enterprise.