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Qiyuan Pharmaceutical held the "celebration of July 1" activity

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On June 28, 2023, on the occasion of celebrating the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Qiyuan Pharmaceutical held the Advanced Party branch outstanding Communist Party members commendation and new Party members oath meeting in the company's 301 conference room, and 55 Party members, Party members and other members of the company's Party committee, the responsible person of each branch, the object of commendation, and party representatives attended the meeting. Party Secretary Li Zhongmin presided over the meeting.


The conference opened with the solemn sound of the National Anthem.

2023.6.28发展新党员大会 018_副本.jpg

Chen Lihong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the company, read out the Notice on Recognizing the Advanced Party Branch and excellent Communist Party Members in 2022, and commended three advanced Party branches, including the production function branch, the 309 Workshop branch, and the National (medical) Pharmaceutical Company branch, and 21 outstanding Party members, including Li Juan and Cao Sidong.

2023.6.28发展新党员大会 040.JPG会场一.jpg会场二.jpg

Li Zhongmin, secretary of the Party Committee of the company, read the Notice on the absorption of 7 comrades such as Ma Ying as probationary Party members and the Notice on the conversion of 7 comrades such as Ma Zhibing to full Party members, and led the oath of newly developed party members and converted full Party members.

2023.6.28发展新党员大会 079_副本.jpg2023.6.28发展新党员大会 076.JPG2023.6.28发展新党员大会 102.JPG2023.6.28发展新党员大会 105.JPG

In the impassioned oath, each party member received a profound ideological baptism. After taking the oath, Qi Yuan Chinese medicine Company Swinge, Yuyuan biotechnology Wu Guoqing spoke on behalf of reserve party members and transferred party members, they said that they will always remember the original mission of Communist Party members, and practice the oath of joining the Party with practical actions.

领导颁奖.jpg先进党支部.jpg2023.6.28发展新党员大会 061.JPG

In the warm applause, the members of the Party committee of the company respectively issued certificates of honor and MEDALS to the outstanding party members and advanced party branches who were commended.

Company Party secretary Li Zhongmin made a concluding speech. He began with a review of the company's past year and praised everyone's performance. He said: "The past 2022, difficult, the country, society, industry are difficult. Especially for enterprises and individuals more difficult, affected by the epidemic, policy impact, market impact, enterprise production and employee life order have undergone a severe test. It is in such a difficult and disorderly environment that the company's branches, party members and all employees obey the command, obey the arrangement, actively cooperate and actively implement, resolutely implement the company's business decisions and management requirements, ensure production, operation and operation, ensure the effective connection between enterprise sales and production and supply, ensure the orderly operation of on-site production and safety management, and achieve stable operation. This process highly reflects the cohesion, centripetal force and combat effectiveness of the enterprise party organization, party members and all employees in difficult times, with such a united and tough team, the enterprise will face any difficulties will be no firm, no disadvantage!"

On the key work of the enterprise in the future, Secretary Li stressed, and full of confidence in the future of the enterprise: "In 2023, with the gradual return to normal order of the overall economy and society, the focus of enterprise management will gradually transition from" maintaining stability "to" promoting growth ", improving production technology, reducing operating costs, and expanding market sales will be the focus of enterprise management." In particular, in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Party just past, it was clearly pointed out that the focus of economic development should be placed on the real economy and the overall economic development idea of unswervingly promoting the development and growth of private enterprises has pointed out the development direction for us and strengthened the confidence in entrepreneurship."

Secretary Li hopes that all party members of the company will base themselves on their own duties, act enterprising, set an example, rely on the platform provided by the company to do things, actively implement the business decisions of the board of directors of the company, implement the requirements of the operation and management of the workshops and departments, plan seriously, focus on thinking about things, and strive to achieve things, sharpen themselves and improve themselves in the process of enterprise development, and mutual achievements with enterprises. We should follow the example of all the comrades who have been commended, 踔厉 and forge ahead with courage and perseverance. The individuals and collectives commended should cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, play an exemplary leading role, work in practice with higher standards, walk in the forefront, and make new contributions for the enterprise. At the same time, he asked each branch: to further strengthen the active management of party building work, planned, organized, innovative consolidating party building work of the branch; It is necessary to seriously implement the system of three meetings and one lesson, standardize and normalize the party building work of the branch, and do the actual prescribed actions according to the requirements; It is necessary to combine the composition and work characteristics of the party group of the branch, innovate self-selected actions, take the form of the vanguard of party members, the responsibility area of party members, and the letter of commitment of party members, organically integrate the party building management with the department business, and effectively play the organizational support and guarantee role of party building on the production and operation management of enterprises.


The conference ended successfully with the majestic sound of the Internationale. Afterwards, the delegates took a group photo.

Photo by Chen Shengxiang