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We will take multiple measures to prevent heat stroke and cool down in an all-round way

2022-07-13Return list

Since entering the summer, Qiyuan Pharmaceutical attaches great importance to the work of heat prevention and cooling, and takes a variety of measures to ensure that the staff in a good mental state to work in the high temperature.

First, according to the workshop and department report plan, overall planning to do a good job in the procurement and distribution of heat prevention and cooling materials, effectively put the heat prevention and cooling work in the high temperature season, as far as possible to create cool and comfortable working environment for the staff. The production workshop also makes cold drinks for the workers, boils the mung bean soup, sends the care to the heart of the workers. From May to June, the company issued the number of summer cooling supplies as follows:




Two, for the staff with huoxiang Zhengqi water, quick effect Jiuxin pills, fengyoujing, cooling oil and other heat prevention drugs, to prevent the occurrence of heat stroke.


Three, strengthen the supervision of the restaurant, do a good job of food safety inspection, prevent mildew and decay of food materials, prevent disease from the source, ensure the food hygiene of the staff. Formulate summer menu, reasonable preparation of light herbal tea and drinks, such as Tartary buckwheat tea, sour jujube tea, chrysanthemum tea, hawthorn tea, sour plum juice, orange juice, etc., to relieve the irritability of high temperature to the staff. At noon from time to time for the staff to provide cold skin, cold noodles.

Fourth, strengthen the safety inspection, focus on checking the correct wearing of safety protective equipment, to maximize the protection of workers' body and life safety.

Although everything is small, but each of the sentient, not only reflects the company's "care for employees" corporate philosophy, to ensure the quality and quantity of production tasks, to ensure the safety and stability of the staff to provide a strong guarantee, but also enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and the sense of belonging of the staff.